About us


Vinum Veress Wine Cellar started out in 1991 as a family enterprise. The cellar is on the Csáford hillside, near the city of Zalaszentgrót, in the centre of the Zala wine area, with its unique vinicultural values. The site, which is part of the Balaton Wine Area Region, offers a wide selection of wines particularly rich in acids and strongly scented. The climate here is cooler and rainier than the national average, with a high humidity level throughout the year and deep strate clay loess soil. The chestnut trees, embracing the vineyards on the southern and western sides of the hills are a clear sign of mediterranean influence.

Wine culture dates back to generations in our family. Our property currently has a dimension of 13 hectares. We grow the following brands  Riesling, Müller Thurgau, Pintes and Zöldveltelini . In our new establishments we have included trendy world brands such as Pinot Gris, Chardonnay,  Blue Frankish and Sauvignon Blanc as well as traditional Hungarian types.

An oustanding species is Pintes, of antique Hungarian origins, which seemed to have disappeared after the filoxera disaster in the 19th Century. By now only a territory of 1,5 hectares, entirely owned by our family has survived. Pintes – the wine can only be found in our cellar. It is a real rarity, available only in a few thousand samples. Pintes’ unique flavour and scents recall the past centuries. It is the symbol, a sort of „ wine incarnation ” of true rustical Hungarian products. Pintes is part of Hungarian wine history, its preservation is our duty.



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